Types of Latex Mattresses

In the market, latex mattresses are on the rise. This type of mattress is believed to support the body perfectly and also useful as antibacterial, anti-lices, and anti-pollutant. Based on the ingredients, there are three types of latex mattresses. To make it easier to choose, you can learn the characteristics of each type of mattress.

Synthetic Latex – Its surface is soft and has small holes. At least contains natural latex. Its composition, 20 percent natural latex, 80 percent synthetic materials. The price is relatively cheaper than the original latex.

Natural Latex – A natural latex mattress has a color which is pale and has large holes. Natural latex content reaches 80 percent. Being an option because of its long service life. In addition, natural latex is also anti-bacterial and anti allergic.

Bio Latex – Colored golden yellow, also has large holes. Contains 90 percent natural latex. Have the best quality. In addition to anti-bacterial and anti allergic, also has excellent elasticity, so as to sustain the body perfectly.