Tips to Clean Your Window

The humidity of air caught in window glass makes dust and dirt easy to stick causing the glass to look dull or dull. The glass cleaning material used with the correct window glass cleaner will restore the clarity of your home window glass. If you have a big house, it is safer and better to use professional services to clean the window glass of the upper floors. You can contact window treatments austin to get the solution.

– Start by cleaning the window pane inside the house. The outer side of the glass is usually soiled that it can be handled later.

– Put a cloth under the window to catch the drip of remnants cleaning the glass so as not to litter the floor.

– Read the rules on the packaging of cleaning products you choose. If choosing a detergent, make sure the detergent is suitable for glass.

– If the product you selected is not spray-shaped, pour the liquid into a bucket of water with the appropriate dosage. Stir until frothy.

– Dip the sponge in solution, wring it out, and use it directly to wipe the glass.

– If the glass cleaner you choose is spray-shaped, spray it directly onto the glass, then wipe with a sponge. Be careful when spraying the liquid in order not to hit your eyes. Keep spray spacing according to the instructions on the product packaging.

– Wipe the entire glass surface, including the corners.

– Use a window glass cleaner with a rubber knife to lower excess fluid on the glass. Position the vertical rubber knife tightly on the glass, then move it in a horizontal or sideways direction. Wipe the rubber knife with a duster to remove any dirt and dirty water every time you complete a sideways motion.

– Use a clean washcloth to remove residual liquids and foam from the glass.

– Perform the above steps on the outer side of the window glass.

If you climb on something to grab the higher glass, be careful not to lose your balance. You’d better ask someone else for help with your climbing. Do away from the child’s view not to be imitated. The direct daylight on the glass makes the cleaning fluid quick dry and leave stains, so clean your window when it is not too hot.