Prevent Diabetes Disease From Early

Diabetes or diabetes is often called a disease because of problems in the body’s metabolism, where there is a problem in the pancreas organ because it is unable to perform enough hormone insulin production for the body. Signs of the onset of diabetes or diabetes are often dehydrated, so it is very easy and often feel thirsty. Other symptoms, the process of healing wounds very long, tired body, and weight loss is not fair. Experts provide several factors that cause a person to develop diabetes, such as hereditary factors, an overweight body, like smoking and often experience a state of stress and tension. To prevent symptoms of diabetes, make it a habit to eat healthily and live with a healthy pattern so that you avoid diabetes. Even so, you do not need to worry because SoMan provides a solution for those of you who experience the symptoms of diabetes is


Actually, smoking is not only harmful to diabetes that attacks the body but many of the damage caused by smoking this cigarette, which is very severe heart disease and lung cancer. Especially for the problem of diabetes, smoking can cause the body to decrease its hormone ability to regulate the stability of blood sugar levels. Based on the research, smokers are at higher risk of developing diabetes by 50% compared to non-smokers. In fact, heavy smokers have a much higher risk. Thus, it is important to immediately stop smoking to avoid diabetes and many other dangerous diseases.