How To Clean Swimming Pool

Having a swimming pool at home seems like a facility that must be owned luxury homes. In addition, to beautify the exterior of the house, other benefits, of course, make healthy inhabitants. Swimming pool should also always be considered cleanliness. If dirty, in addition, to making the house seem unkempt can also be a risk to the health of its users. For that, you can use our el dorado county pool service.

Swimming pool water should have a balanced chemical and pure water content. In fact, in order to maintain that balance, you are required to clean the swimming pool at least once a week. Not only that, the consideration of good weather, scorching or rain, it can also affect the cleanliness and water content of the pond.

If the swimming pool is not routinely cleaned, it is feared will endanger the health of residents, including irritation of the eyes and also the skin due to fungi. And here are tips on cleaning the pool:

– Set the balance of water content

A good water pool is a water that has a measure of the concentration of hydrogen ions (pH) from the correct solution. Proper pH level means total alkaline and calcium must be balanced. The goal, in order to prevent the formation of crust that can damage the swimming pool equipment. It also prevents irritation of the eyes and skin. The setting also focused on chlorine content ranging from 1.0 to 3.0 ppm. To know the balance of the solvent content in the pond water, you can use pH Meter meter which is sold freely in the market.

– Kuras swimming pool

You can also drain the base and poolside using a special brush for the pool. Do the draining once a week.

– Use bacteria killer solution

In addition to drained, swimming pools can also use a special bacteria killer solution sold at pool equipment providers. How to use it, you just spread the solution to the entire new water surface in the pool. Then, wait up to 15 minutes, after which the water condition is clean.