The Use of CEFR Tests

CEFR is widely used in language teaching, both in the public and private education sector, in Europe. In many countries, CEFR has replaced the leveling system previously used in foreign language teaching. Most of the education ministries in Europe set clear CEFR-based goals for all students graduating from secondary school, for example, B2 in the first foreign language and B1 for their second foreign language. The B1 test is also even used by the UK government to determine whether one can become a new British citizen or not. The test can be taken in one of the institutes decided by the CEFR and you can see them on


For job seekers, many adults in Europe use standardized test scores, such as TOEIC, to describe their level of English proficiency. Implementation of CEFR outside Europe is much more limited, although some countries in Asia and Latin America have applied it in their education system.