Type and Variation of Steak

You must have understood with the names of Sirloin, Tenderloin, T-Bone to Rib. The names are part of the beef offered in the menu. But do you know the origin of these names? The most common sirloin, derived from the rear meat is harder than the others. Sirloin prices are usually much cheaper than other parts. Tenderloin comes from a Loin that is in front of the sirloin behind the ribs. This meat has a soft texture. T-Bone is a T-shaped part of the bone that is surrounded by flesh on both sides. Whereas Rib or Rib is a meat that comes from around the ribs. Steak Rib served with ribs. If no repeat, the name becomes Rib Eye Steak. Want to enjoy a steak with a perfect atmosphere? Then it is the right decision for you to come to 54th Street Happy Hour.

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