What Kind of Dessert Do You Like?

Chick Fil A Ice Cream is the right dessert for the summer. Do not take it for granted just because Chick Fil A is a fast food with chicken specialties, but Chick Fil A can provide an interesting and refreshing dessert. Not only ice cream, you can find other menus that can make the body fresher in summer.

Dessert is the last dish served. Usually used to remove the stinky smell from the main course. Chick Fil A Ice Cream is frozen dessert. Basically, the dessert is categorized into 2 types, cold dessert, and hot dessert. This classification is based on the temperature difference, both on the processing process and the temperature of the presentation.

– Cold Dessert
Cold dessert is a dessert served at cold temperatures or room temperature. Although served at cold temperatures does not close the possibility of processing through the heating process before serving cold, by inserting into the refrigerator cupboard. Presentation of dessert in cold temperatures should really be served at cold temperatures also the appliance dish. Examples are custard, jelly, choux paste, cake, and cold pudding.

– Hot Dessert
The dessert is served at a hot or warm temperature. As the name implies hot dessert then the process should finally be heated first. The presentation of hot dessert must be really hot or warm, including the equipment used should be heated first. Examples are souffle, fritters, crepes, and hot pudding.

– Frozen Dessert
This dessert can be categorized as cold dessert, but the difference is served in a frozen state. Which included frozen dessert was ice cream and sorbet. Ice cream is a frozen dessert made from milk products. While sorbet is a frozen dessert made from pure fruits and contains no milk. Some types of sorbet are fruit sherbet and liquid sherbet.

That are the kinds of desserts. Which one do you like?